Thursday, March 27, 2008

Click March 2008 : Metal

Last December, a friend of mine from Sweden gave me a cheese slicer. It is a very special kind which you can only find in Sweden. It was also my first time to see this slicer. "It is very swedish thing", my friend said to me. The shape is very unique and make very thin slices of cheese.


I am thinking of take part in "Click" event hosted by Jai and Bee in which this month's theme is Metal. This is my first appearance to such event.


taken with Nikon D40
lense AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm (kit lense)


Sheila said...

Hihihi...ho-oh, unik banget. Baru pertama kali liat alat potong keju yg kayak gitu.

busylittlebee said...

good job els!!

still work it out to dress up my page and must find out with so many sophistacated button.
harap maklum *wink

Elsye said...

to sheila : qiqiqi, samaa gue juga bingung dulu waktu dikasih, gue pikir buat goreng..wakakak

to ira : thankss ra..:D i'll wait for your post..:D

Dwiana P said...

plok plok plok mantep banget say fotonya. gw suka style!

Elsye said...

Thanks Dwi..:D, punya mu juga kereennnnn :D

Dita said...

selamat ye masuk top 25 entries-nya Jugalbandi :). maju terus, Sye!

Elsye said...

thankss Dit...:D..gue juga ga nyangka hihihi..secara baru ikutan bow..:D, thankss ya